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Menopause Monday – Why Does Everything Have To Be An Epic Quest?

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another Menopause Monday post.

You may remember a while back, I bit the bullet and made an appointment to see my GP about all the symptoms I was having; he booked me in for some blood tests and scheduled an ECG for me. Read about it here.

Last week he confirmed that I was going through the menopause. Well, I think we all knew that, right?! Lol! He prescribed HRT in the form of a daily 1mg tablet of Elleste Duet and even sent my prescription direct to the pharmacy of my choice. Now that’s service!

I elected to pick up my magic pills from the Boots in town as I was going in the next day anyway; perfect.

I paid for an hour parking and Child2 and I went around town working our way through our “to do” list. I had left picking up my Elleste from Boots till last and stood patiently in the queue waiting to be served. Imagine my disappointment when the lovely pharmacist told me that unfortunately, it was out of stock – problems at the manufacturers – and wouldn’t be available until 3rd May!

Boots kindly released my prescription back to me so that I could try another chemist. I did. They were all out. 😦

So I decided to go back to my medical practice, explain the situation to my GP and get a prescription for another brand – the pharmacist in Boots recommended Kliofem or Kliovance as a suitable alternative – as I said, she was lovely.

My GP was busy but I left a message at reception explaining what had happened. I wasn’t planning on going into town for another week, so I also asked that my replacement prescription be sent to a different pharmacy closer to my home – Tanday Pharmacy+. The receptionist said that was OK, tapped away on her computer and told me that my doctor was usually very efficient and to phone back either later that day before they closed or tomorrow to make sure it had been done. Again, another very helpful lady to assist me on, what was turning into, my epic quest to get menopause relief.

I dutifully phoned first thing the next morning and was told, sorry the doctor hasn’t written my new prescription yet. I must confess to have been rather disappointed but I am known for my patience, well, that was until the Menopause hit and now you just have to take your chances on my Russian Roulette of mood swings! Lol!

It seemed I was having a “I can be patient” moment. I left it until after lunch and called again – *phew* yes, my new prescription had been written and sent as requested. I was halfway there to getting my hands on my magic pills. I decided to give the pharmacy a few hours and phoned them while I was waiting to collect Child1 and Child2 from school.

When I phoned Tanday Pharmacy+ they confirmed that that had received my prescription and that it was ready to be collected! I almost jumped for joy, however,  I was sat in the car outside of school, so I thought better of it. 😉

Tanday Pharmacy+ is on my way home, so I parked outside and went in. I waited for less than 3 minutes before I was paying the £18.00 prescription charge for the 3 months supply of my new magic pills.

So, lovely peeps, I have my magic HRT pills and have been taking them each night before I go to sleep since I picked them up. Are they helping with my menopausal symptoms? Read my next Menopause Monday post to find out. 😉