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Book Review – Single For The Summer by Mandy Baggot

Tabytha Reviews…

Single for the Summer by Mandy Baggot


Here’s the official blurb;

***The go-to book for the summer, from everyone’s favourite getaway Queen, Mandy Baggot!***

Tess Parks has made up her mind: love isn’t for her.

When it comes to dating she has one rule: after six weeks with a guy, she ends it. So when her heartbroken best friend invites her for a girly getaway in Corfu, Tess is sure she can stick to their pact to stay single for the summer.

But then she meets the gorgeous restaurateur Andras…

To keep his overbearing mother off his back, Tess agrees to pretend to date him. But as the two spend time together, Tess begins to realise that this fake relationship is starting to feel like the best one she’s ever had…

A feel-good escapist beach read set against a beautiful Greek island backdrop. From the award-winning author of Truly, Madly Greekly and Those Summer Nights.


I Read It: 4th – 5th August 2017

Which Format: Kindle

Approx Length: 432 pages

My Goodreads Rating:  5 Stars

Single for the Summer is a stand-alone, contemporary romance book, a real happily ever after chick-lit summer read.

So, what kept me reading?

I am already a fan of Ms Baggot’s writing style; I love how easy to read her stories are, the way she weaves her plots, her inclusion of popular culture references, the humour and banter that is ever present and how she creates her characters, making them feel so real. Single for the Summer did not disappoint.

In this book I have to say that I loved Sonya; what a great character! I found her intelligent, funny, kind and caring; she was a wonderful presence, a great supporting character and contrast to our leading lady, Tess.  Our leading man, Andras, is one Greek god of a specimen; hunky, funny, considerate and a loyal family man – be still my beating heart. Can’t talk about characters without mentioning Hector, the escapologist, I loved that tortoise! What a unique addition to the story. So c’mon Mandy, how did Hector keep escaping his pen?

I loved the many amazing, beautiful and engaging descriptions throughout this book of all things Greek; the countryside, the food, the people and the customs. I felt transported to Corfu.  Your love of the island permeates every page, Mandy.

I experienced many emotions while reading this story; I cried, I laughed, I rolled my eyes and I even growled a couple of times. Lol! In other words this contemporary romance is a real page turner – it kept me gripped.


So, were there any downsides?

Now, I must be honest and confess that I found it very difficult to like a couple of characters in this story; our main character, Tess Parks and Isadora, Andras’ mother.

To begin with, I couldn’t stand Tess. It took until I was about a third of the way into the book and we learned a little bit about her past to allow me to understand her behaviour somewhat.

I was also very shocked and frustrated with Isadora’s behaviour throughout this book; her actions towards Tess and Sonya were polar-opposite to the Greek/Corfiot hospitality that I’ve heard about. I’m not letting Marietta off the hook lightly either…

Having said that, I know that this reaction is probably exactly what Ms Baggot was looking for; obstacles to overcome, characters to evolve, hidden reasons to be revealed…


In a nutshell…

I stayed up past midnight to finish this book, couldn’t stop reading – loved it. Single for the Summer is a stand-alone, contemporary romance book with Ms Baggot’s signature happily ever after ending; it’s a story of friendship, relationships and family, a wonderful journey full of laughter, tears and, of course, lots of love. If you enjoyed the ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ films, this book will be right up your street.


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