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This page is all about those funny people who have decided to quit the day job and make a living out of making us laugh – yup, comedians! We all have our favourites for whatever reason; maybe their sense of humour mirrors yours, perhaps they make you laugh with their slapstick shenanigans, possibly it’s their unnerving ability to highlight those small idiosyncratic habits that we have and put them under the comic spotlight or maybe it’s their captivating voice or stunning eyes that just melt you to your very core….. *uhem*

.. anyway, I’ve come to realise that I don’t go to music concerts anywhere near as much as I used to in my youth, I’m not sure whether that’s an age thing or just a “me” thing. But in the place of loud, thumping music, comedy gigs have somehow wiggled into my heart as one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. I am very lucky that I don’t have to trek to the big smoke (London) to have a good giggle, I’m lucky enough to have some great venues on my door; Bournemouth – The BIC or The Pavilion, Salisbury – The City Hall

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I’ve linked each of my funny favourites to their own place on the net so that you can check them out for yourself.

Billy Connolly I lost my live comedy gig virginity to Billy Connolly and haven’t looked back since. Been to gigs in London and locally in Bournemouth, got all the DVDs and always watch when he’s on telly. Funny, Funny man!

Lee Evans It was an old work colleague that first brought Lee Evans to my attention all those years ago. My face & tummy always hurt with laughter. I’ve only seen him once live but OMG worth travelling to Wembley! In fact, it was after watching one of his live shows late one night on telly in 2002 that my contractions started. My eldest daughter was born 8 hours later…

Russell Howard Saw him locally (sorry Russell, slightly older crowd then you’re used to I imagine! Lol!) what a laugh!

Sarah Millican I thoroughly enjoyed peeing my pants at her gig in Bournemouth in 2014! Brilliant! I’m a home bird!

Jon Richardson Strangely attractive (or is that just me), it was nice to experience his stand-up in our small (ish) local venue and I really enjoyed his recent short series on telly.

Michael McIntyre OMG! Saw him here in my local town before he made it big, my face & tummy hurt after that gig – we all knew we’d seen someone special!

John Bishop What a funny man! Observational humour and taking the piss out of himself.

Peter Kay OMG! My face & tummy hurt after seeing him in Manchester! Worth the travelling!

Jason Manford Saw him locally, funny observational humour.

Lenny Henry Saw him years ago at our local venue. I remember his set was a great mix of classic & very, very topical political satire.

Rhod Gilbert Haven’t seen him live and now kickin’ myself that I didn’t take advantage of his local appearance years ago! *tuts*

Russell Brand Haven’t been to a Russell Brand gig before as the tickets are always very pricey but flippin’ funny guy who always makes me giggle.

Micky Flanagan I love watching him on telly but haven’t had the pleasure of seen him live yet. He’s on my wishlist…

Jimmy Carr Haven’t seen Jimmy Carr live either but like Russell Brand the ticket price to one of his gigs are on the pricey side – maybe one of these days…

Dara O’Briain A clever man who’s also flippin’ funny too. Who doesn’t like Mock The Week or Stargazing Live (mmmm Prof Brian Cox – another secret pleasure)  😉

Jack Whitehall  Haven’t seen live yet but he’s a cheeky chappy who always makes me laugh. Loved “Bad Education”

Bill Bailey  What a talent, not only can he make me laugh but he can play many musical instruments and identify a bird at twenty paces! Saw him locally in 2016 for the “Limboland” tour – brilliant evening.

Alan Davies  Haven’t seen him live but I like his wit. I also enjoyed watching Jonathon Creek  and Whites and I love QI.

Miranda Hart   I’ve read Miranda’s autobiography “Is it just me?” and loved it! Such a flippin’ funny lady I’d love to see her live!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

I hope you have a wonderful day that makes you smile.


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