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I Love History and Science

I’m not really a fan of soaps, these “reality TV” shows or game shows that seem to be so popular but I do love watching documentaries; history or science especially, some of my favourite channels include; Discovery Science, National Geographic, Animal Planet, NatGeoWild, History, Eden and Yesterday.

I enjoy being taken to far flung places around the planet; our highest mountains, deepest oceans or densest forest, or further afield into our amazing solar system and beyond. Documentaries give me the chance look through the keyhole to the lives of those no longer living, see ancient peoples of this world come alive, watch amazing creatures or landscapes both past and present, witness the secrets of how our world works, the alchemy of engineering revealed before my eyes, the magic of our biological world, all of which I’m unlikely to experience first-hand myself.

Now as I watch all these documentaries and enjoy every minute of it, you may well think that I’m some kind of Mastermind genius but the funny thing is I’m terrible at recalling the information at a later date! If you ask me a question, it’s like blood from a stone trying to find the answer, however if I hear a fact, I’ll know straight away if it’s something that I’ve heard before! Lol! I know, I know, weird 😉 I’m sure there’ll be a documentary somewhere about the human brain and our recollection ability (or lack of!!).

Check out my “Who Do You Think You Are?” post to find out about my ongoing genealogy hobby.

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2 thoughts on “I Love History and Science

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