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Who am I?

Faery Red Lily

….So who am I? You can call me Tabytha 🙂  (not my real picture, of course 😉 )

I am a happily married woman, I married my long time boyfriend in 1999 and we’re still together. We have 2 daughters, both of whom are now at secondary school!! Eek!

As I am in my 40’s, I have a variety of interests, I like learning new facts (although recalling those said facts is not an easy thing at times – don’t say it’s my age) and I’m not afraid to try new things…

So what do I do in my spare time? As you’d expect, some of my hobbies have been with me since childhood like engrossing myself in a good book or film and some pastimes can be viewed as “phases”, activities that I saw others doing and thought “yes, that’s something I’d like to try” but have lost interest in, like cross-stitch or making my own clothes. But let’s be honest most of time, when I’m not working, I’m sat, like millions of other in front of the telly!

I don’t know what sort of blog presence I want this to be yet. I’ve never really been one for writing a journal/diary for my thoughts, I don’t think my life is anyway interesting that anybody else would spend their free time reading posts about what’s in my rather eclectic mind! I did have a Tumblr blog for a while back in 2013 but in reality Twitter is as close as I’ve got to blogging on a regular basis (you can follow me if you like Tabytha_Girl), up until now 140 characters has been more than enough since 2009, but everyone seems to have a blog these day, so I thought I’d jump back on the band wagon too – well for the time being…

I’ll leave this here for now and I’ll probably come back at a later date, read what I’ve written, laugh and re-write the whole thing…

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