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tea and cake welcome Welcome To My Home Page

 I did a Google search on Tabytha_Girl today before writing this Welcome Page – 918 results!! Wow! They were mainly from my Twitter account but I don’t feel as though I’m drowning the online world with my eclectic persona just yet so, welcome to my world in on WordPress….

I am a married woman in my 40’s, with two daughters and an eclectic range of interests but you can read my “Who Am I?” page if you want to know more about me…

At the top of this page is my menu, I’ve created some permanent pages about my love of History & Science, Films and my Kindle plus an easy link to my latest blog posts! See, I try to think of you, my dear reader, when creating this little corner of the internet, this insight into my world. You’ll be pleased to hear that this wordpress theme allows me to keep my menu at the top of every page & post you visit, which hopefully will makes your stopover in Tabytha’s Universe less frustrating. 😉

So, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

~ Tabytha ~Faery Red Lily


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