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Browsing The Online Sales…

Hello My Dear Followers,

So Christmas is over, I hope you had a nice couple of days. As a qualified teaching assistant I’m a lucky so-and-so and don’t have to go back to work for ages yet. It’s a dangerous time, I’ve still got birthday money and now Christmas money burning a whole in my purse. Lol!

The question is: Do I spend my money on Hubby? I do love him. Should I buy him something gorgeous, so that he looks extra scrummy on my arm or something a bit more practical? 😉

Or should I get something for the kids? Child1 loves penguins, elephants and all things anime while Child2 is a panda-holic and Marvel fan.

Watch out Tom Hiddleston!

Although, can’t say I blame the girl! Lol!

Or should I treat myself? I love Neal’s Year Women’s Balance Essential Oil I put a few drops on my pillow to keep me calm.

I’m still saving some money to buy new clothes once I reach my target weight with Slimming World, although I’m taking a little break over the festive season while being careful not to go too mad!!

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Happy Christmas From Me To You!

Good Morning Everyone,

I couldn’t let today pass without wishing you all a Happy Christmas – even if you don’t celebrate this religious Christian festival.

I am spending this morning cooking a fabulous Christmas lunch for my family – hubby, kids, my parents and my brother and his girlfriend. We will gather in the sitting room, fully fed and open our gifts.

Later this afternoon, hubby, the kids and I will be spoilt rotten at the in-laws house all evening with more amazing food and a mountain of thoughtful gifts.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope that you are able to embrace the joy, hope and love of this festive season with those you love and who love you.


These fabulous free graphic are from and have been used here


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My Birthday Bootie

Hello Lovely Followers,

I celebrated my 47th birthday earlier this month (did I tell you? No? Sorry about that) and I told all my family and friends that I would like some cash to spend on clothes in the January Sales. Not that I enjoy traipsing around the shops for hours at a time but since joining Slimming World at the end of August 2017, I am 2 and a half stone lighter and many of my skirts, trousers and cardigans are now too big – I’m using a safety pin to keep some of my favourite Joe Browns skirts from falling around my ankles! (Not a good look for anyone, I think!)

I have already been on the Joe Browns website to have a sneaky look, they’ve got some really cute half price Christmas clothes that are calling my name. What do you think? I’ve taken a screenshot – would you buy any of these? I really like the Christmas Cracker dress and the cardigans – they’re such fun and really individualistic.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment below. I think I might start blogging about my weight loss journey, I use Twitter to shout about my SW successes but perhaps I should post a few of my Slimming World achievements her on my blog too, perhaps on a monthly round-up. What do you think? Would you be interested?

Anyway, I’d better go as I’ve still got Christmas presents to wrap.

Enjoy your weekend,

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Beautiful Handmade Gifts By UK Artisans.

Good morning and welcome to another weekend!

Christmas is creeping ever closer, so I’ve been browsing around Amazon again this week, trying to find that perfect gift. I recently found Amazon’s Handmade department – have you had a look at some of the items for sale? There’s some great stuff being made by very talented people.

This weekend, I thought I’d share some aroma based gifts, to sweeten the mind as well as the home.

Up To £50

If you’re looking for bespoke handmade products, then Knots & Grain based in London source the highest quality of materials and take pride in finishing each item with attention to detail. Every item in their inventory is fully customizable and they will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. I loved this Sapele and Glass Double Tealight Candle Holder.

Handmade Sapele and Glass double tea light Candle with shadow gap. Hand oiled and waxed to help protect and preserve the wood.

Customizable up to 10 candles in one piece, cost increases as per number of candles.

Candle comes with product as standard.

The size of the Candle is approx. H. 95mm x W. 95mm x D. 45mm Approx.

Up To £40

This is designed exclusively by Essex based Queen of the Nile who make natural chemical free incense, perfumes and beauty products. This oil burner set is created with high quality natural ingredients as an alternative to incense sticks and synthetic fragrances which contain harmful petrochemicals and is a smokeless incense designed specifically for oil burners. It is re-usable and long-lasting.

Oil Burner Gift Set ~ relax, de-stress, natural sleep aid with 100% pure natural essential oils.



SHUSH BLEND ~ the perfect mix of frankincense, lavender and geranium essential oils to help melt away stress and tension, all natural chemical free.

APPROX 11 USES (1 teaspoon initially lasts up to 4 hours, which may be extended for up to 30 hours (or more) with the additional application of essential oils).

Plus 1 tea-light that burns for 10 hours – so you do not need to rush out and buy one.

Up To £30

Gin & Tonic seems to be the IN drink of the moment. I’m more of a rum girl but one of my girlfriends is a fanatical gin lover. I love the look of this set by Fizzy Fuzzy and hope she loves the smell. Fizzy Fuzzy are creators of handmade soap, bath bombs and soy wax candles based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Handmade by Fizzy Fuzzy, a perfect pampering gift for Gin lovers everywhere…it’s definitely Gin o’clock!

Made with the classic Gin & Tonic fragrances of Juniper Berries and a splash of lime, this is a mouth watering and luxurious set.


Up To £20

Imogens Luxuries are based in Hertfordshire and make handmade Luxury Scents for the Home. Although they use the highest quality of ingredients, there wasn’t anything in their store that cost more than £20. I have chosen their delicious Christmas candle which is a soy wax scented with Orange, Cinnamon, Clove & Ginger essential oils.

• ‘Christmas’ aromatherapy scented candle is handmade with 120g of natural Soy wax and fragranced with Orange, Cinnamon, Clove & Ginger essential oils.

• Scented with therapeutic grade essential oils blended to enhance well being. Our Christmas blend is ideal to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere during the cold dark winter.

• Sweet Orange combines with delicious spices of Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger to give a blend reminiscent of mulled wine bubbling away on the stove, a festive aroma which is wonderfully warming and uplifting.

• Pure Soy Wax and essential oils are combined to give a completely natural scented candle. Free from Palm wax and petrochemicals e.g. Paraffin / Mineral wax ( which are from the petrol industry!)

• Benefits of Soy Wax: Natural, Renewable, Sustainable & Biodegradable.

• Burn time up to 30 hours.

• Your Christmas Candle will arrive in a beautiful gift box, completed with a hand tied bow and is a perfect Christmas Gift, Teacher Gift, Dinner party gift, Hostess Gift.

Free Standard UK Delivery on All Orders over £20

Under £20

This little keyring made by The Ashmole Group Lava Beads is actually a super frugal bargain, coming in at well under £10. This pretty gift allows you to carry your essential oils wherever you go because Lava Stones are porous and so will soak up the essential oils, diffusing throughout the day.

Our pretty handmade essential oil diffuser keyring.

Featuring a large round blue Lava Stone, pink rose quartz stone and a sparkly crystal bead, finished with a butterfly charm.

This Keyring is handmade at time of ordering.

May help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Please email me if you would like to customise this product. Directions: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the lava stone.

I hope you’ve like this post. I’ve certainly loved sharing these handmade things with you, perhaps I’ll do this on a regular basis.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this post and the things I’ve included today.

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My Weekend Finds – Handmade Gifts From UK Artisans.

Good morning and welcome to the weekend!

I’ve been having a browse around Amazon this week. Did you know that they have a whole department specifically for Handmade items? It’s true, look for yourself here.

I’ve found some amazing things in various price ranges that I wanted to share with you.

Up to £50

I love this gorgeous wooden wall coat & hat rack with shelf and cast iron hooks by Sharp Saw Studio. I think it’s the perfect addition to any hallway, entrance hall or foyer. Don’t you?

Handmade in our UK based workshop from chunky timber, finished lovingly by hand in 3 coats of Tudor Oak wax to give a great rustic aged finish.

The hooks are a Victorian style in cast iron to complete the look.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Please understand that your order WILL very likely differ slightly from the items that you see in our photographs, and colours may vary under different lighting, and wood grain and knots will differ.

Up to £40

I found this beautiful lightweight silk scarf by Nikki Moksha Designs that is hand painted in vibrant turquoise and plum silk paint, it’s the perfect accessory that will make you feel effortlessly beautiful and elegant. I think that this is THE gift for any chic woman who adores fashion and deserves to be spoilt.

The scarf is made with high quality silk and each individually hand painted with professional silk paint. It is light and cool enough to wear in the summer as a neck scarf or head scarf, an attractive accessory with any outfit.

FEATURES: Size 45cm x 180cm 100% silk Hand painted Hand rolled and stitched edges ‘Ponge 5’ light weight silk Wash in warm water by hand, do not tumble dry, iron on cool silk setting.


Up To £30

I found these hilarious and unique double dog lead holder/hooks with personalised name plaques that are handmade from reclaimed wood and welsh slate by Reclaimed in Wood in DORCHESTER, United Kingdom. We haven’t got pets (Hubby is highly allergic) but I’m sure my parents or sister-in-law would love this!

The doggie tail Hooks are cast iron and the wooden holder has two separate slate plaques to personalise with your dog’s name or we can do it for you at no extra cost, simply EMAIL US WITH YOUR REQUEST WHEN ORDERING.

This fun, yet stylish and unique item is a must have for any dog lover! The perfect Christmas or birthday gift! Practical yet beautiful. Looks stunning in any home with a choice of finishes to match your home! Our standards are extremely high and nothing will be sent if we are not totally happy with the standard.

Up To £20

I wish I had the skill and patience to make beautiful flowers like Oxfordshire based Alana Phoenix & Co who makes bespoke gifts ideal for the home or a wedding gift.

Each petal is hand cut and shaped design.

Each stem is approx. 30cm in length and each flower head is approx. 9cm in diameter.

This listing is for one paper rose made from random map paper with green stem and leaves. This item is ready to post within 1-2 business days.

Also available made from comic book, book page, vintage music sheet and plain colours – please see my store.

Less Than £10

I love putting up bunting; it’s an easy way to decorate the home, either for a special occasion, to mark a particular holiday or just to change the seasonal feel of your home. I’ve got some going up my stairs in the hall and hanging on the top of my dresser in the living room.

Bonkers For Bunting make handmade bunting and cushion covers and are based in Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Bunting Length:170 centimetres

Material: Cotton. Cath Kidston fabrics.





I hope you’ve like this post. I’ve certainly loved sharing these handmade things with you, perhaps I’ll do this on a regular basis. As usual, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this post and the things I’ve included today.

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OOAK? What?

Good morning everyone,

As that festive season is fast approaching, I’ve been browsing more shopping sites than usual recently and I kept coming across the word OOAK.

I was flummoxed!

Luckily, I found the post below on a very friendly blog that helped clear it up for me.

Here at the Round Top Antiques Market you may find just about anything; antiques, vintage items, re-purposed items, new reproduction pieces made to look vintage, hand crafted items. The list is endless. With miles of tents, buildings and open air venues and unlimited vendors all vying for your attention and your shopping funds it proves to confound and confuse most shoppers.

One of the signs I found most confusing is “OOAK.” I noticed it in several places but, I never heard of that as a descriptor for vintage and antique pieces. What could it mean?


How do you pronounce this word? Long O plus oak like the tree? Maybe a new strain of oak tree I’ve never heard of? But that wouldn’t explain the artistic items with which this word is usually associated.

Or possibly OO as in oolong tea plus ak with a short a? Sounding like some kind of tribal word or possibly an Eskimo word? Maybe describing a technique for making the artisan item?

After chatting with one of the artisans, I learned OOAK stands for “One Of A Kind.” Who knew? One of a Kind!

Interesting items lovingly crafted by an artisan with bits and pieces that when put together make a beautifully eclectic look….one of a kind.

Now when you see OOAK, think of all the time and effort it took to find the pieces to make that one of a kind piece and learn to love and appreciate them all the more. Then purchase the one that feed your soul and makes you smile. The artisan will appreciate you loving their work and you will have a One of a Kind piece to add to your collection.

For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging from Warrenton Texas at the Round Top Antiques Market. Follow me, learn about the quirky, strange and unusual items, people and things to see.

You can see the original post by clicking the link below.

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Etsy on a Sunday

Hello Everyone,

I was sat browsing some sites, and popped along to Etsy. I love the unique and hand crafted things you can get. Have you ever bought items through Etsy?

Over the years since signing up, I have bought stocking fillers for the kids, wedding anniversary gifts for my parents, thank you cards for the class I TA in and some beautiful pictures that adorn my walls at home.

I think that I would like to share my finds with you on a regular basis. So here’s what Etsy has picked out for me for December.

I’ve favourited a few already. Would you?