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Goodreads | Elizabeth Hunter answers your questions — Ask the Author

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Hello Lovely Followers,

As you may know, I’ve recently joined the online reading/book website and I love the idea that we the readers get the chance to ask our favourite authors those burning questions…

Elizabeth Hunter Hey Esther! Thanks for asking such a cool question!

I knew fairly early in the Elemental Mysteries series that I wanted to write SOMETHING about Carwyn, but I wasn’t sure if it would be a full novel or a novella or what have you. But I knew he had stuff going on and a story to tell. I keep a LOT of notes and timelines for all my characters, so when I went back to weave his story into the existing series, I just had to refer to my notes from the series when I was building his story. (which, yes, did get complicated at times)

It was a very similar approach to how I wrote Damien and Sari’s story, though that one took a lot more work and world-building because it went back in Irin history.

Elizabeth Hunter I do not have a date yet, because I have not received an offer for The Staff and the Blade from my usual audio producer. HOWEVER, it one does not come, I will produce it myself. But because of that, I don’t have a date available to give you. I wish I did!

Please consider signing up for my mailing list (link on my website) if you want to be kept up to date. I usually send that kind of release info out to subscribers first.

Elizabeth Hunter What a great question! Thanks for asking it. I’m so glad you liked The Staff and the Blade, and I’m especially glad you enjoyed Sari.

I think the key to writing well-developed characters is spending mental time with them. Before I start writing anything down–even notes or outlines– I ask questions about them that really make me question their character.

What is the thing they love most? What do they hate? What makes them proud? What is the worst thing they have done? What is the best? What are they most afraid of? And on and on from there.

When I’ve spent time with those questions in my mind, I can start to know what that character would do during a situation or how they would solve a problem. A lot of that ruminating might have nothing to do with what actually goes into the final book, but it will helps me know my characters and make them real.

Elizabeth Hunter I do! The next book in the Irin series will be Leo and Kyra’s book. I don’t have a title or date yet because I’m working on the next Elemental World book, A Stone-Kissed Sea.

Elizabeth Hunter Definitely not the last one! I don’t have a release date for the next book in the series, but there will definitely be more. Thanks for asking, Ela!

Source: Goodreads | Elizabeth Hunter answers your questions — Ask the Author

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