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Goodreads | Elizabeth Hunter answers your questions — Ask the Author

Hello Lovely Followers,

As you may know, I’ve recently joined the online reading/book website and I love the idea that we the readers get the chance to ask our favourite authors those burning questions…

Elizabeth Hunter Hey Esther! Thanks for asking such a cool question!

I knew fairly early in the Elemental Mysteries series that I wanted to write SOMETHING about Carwyn, but I wasn’t sure if it would be a full novel or a novella or what have you. But I knew he had stuff going on and a story to tell. I keep a LOT of notes and timelines for all my characters, so when I went back to weave his story into the existing series, I just had to refer to my notes from the series when I was building his story. (which, yes, did get complicated at times)

It was a very similar approach to how I wrote Damien and Sari’s story, though that one took a lot more work and world-building because it went back in Irin history.

Elizabeth Hunter I do not have a date yet, because I have not received an offer for The Staff and the Blade from my usual audio producer. HOWEVER, it one does not come, I will produce it myself. But because of that, I don’t have a date available to give you. I wish I did!

Please consider signing up for my mailing list (link on my website) if you want to be kept up to date. I usually send that kind of release info out to subscribers first.

Elizabeth Hunter What a great question! Thanks for asking it. I’m so glad you liked The Staff and the Blade, and I’m especially glad you enjoyed Sari.

I think the key to writing well-developed characters is spending mental time with them. Before I start writing anything down–even notes or outlines– I ask questions about them that really make me question their character.

What is the thing they love most? What do they hate? What makes them proud? What is the worst thing they have done? What is the best? What are they most afraid of? And on and on from there.

When I’ve spent time with those questions in my mind, I can start to know what that character would do during a situation or how they would solve a problem. A lot of that ruminating might have nothing to do with what actually goes into the final book, but it will helps me know my characters and make them real.

Elizabeth Hunter I do! The next book in the Irin series will be Leo and Kyra’s book. I don’t have a title or date yet because I’m working on the next Elemental World book, A Stone-Kissed Sea.

Elizabeth Hunter Definitely not the last one! I don’t have a release date for the next book in the series, but there will definitely be more. Thanks for asking, Ela!

Source: Goodreads | Elizabeth Hunter answers your questions — Ask the Author

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Ode to a Jaffa Cake | Dear Mummy Blog

Hello Lovely Followers,

I receive various blogs by e-mail, I read this one today and although I am not a fan of Jaffa Cakes, it put a big smile on my face.   🙂


Ode to a Jaffa Cake

Jaffa Cake, Jaffa Cake you’re a cardinal sin,
Why is it when my daddy buys you in
We all feel the need to consume your chocolate goodness
and amber soft centre of wobbly pud-ness.

You’re not quite a cake but shaped like a biscuit,
it’s hard for a toddler to decide whether to risk it.
I’ve never experienced a taste as divine
and if I was you I wouldn’t dare touch a tube
of Jaffa’s that are mine.

Is it a biscuit, as it sits on the shelf?
Or will you find them in the cake aisle as they go hard by themselves?!
Is it a chocolate treat? There can’t be another that compares to its greatness,
as suggested by my mother.

They have a light sponge base that is made out of air
and an orange jelly top which I pick off without care.
All wrapped up in a melted dark chocolate coating
which I can separate in one swift move
…I know I shouldn’t be gloating!

My daddy can consume a whole packet in one sitting,
while my granny can graze on them while she’s doing her knitting.

My folks remember the advert that was 90’s TV gold,
of a full moon, a half moon….it never got old.
They like to recreate the ‘total eclipse’
by stuffing Jaffa’s in their gobs quickly – it’s hard not to miss!

It’s safe to say my whole family are fans of a McVities Jaffa Cake,
so please don’t stop making these treats for heaven’s sake!

Love a Jaffa Cake addict. Aged 3.

Source: Ode to a Jaffa Cake | Dear Mummy Blog

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More women turn to complementary medicine for menopause

Hello Lovely Followers,

Here, we are again, the “M” word is raising it’s hot sweaty head. 😉 The internet really does have hundreds of hits about the menopause and as promised, I’m sharing the ones that I’ve found interesting…


So, once again, I found the article below on the Neal’s Yard Remedies website, as I’ve already said, I’m a great believer in natural remedies rather than man made chemicals so  I am ones of those women who already look to herbalists, homoeopaths and alternative therapists to help me with any health issues, although I am very lucky to have a GP who is more open than most to refer through the NHS.



menopause sign

Natural Health News — The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing for the treatment of menopausal symptoms

As a result, the authors suggest that healthcare providers – in particular family medicine practitioners – need to be more aware of the various CAM therapies and take a more active role in guiding patients through their options to more safely and effectively coordinate their care.

That’s according to a new study published online ahead of print in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

Ongoing fear of the potential risks of hormone therapy is cited as a primary reason for the growing use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among menopausal women (including pre-, peri- and postmenopausal) in recent decades.

What you need to know» More than half of women seek alternatives for the treatment of menopausal symptoms

» Most conventional practitioners are not well informed about alternative treatments

» Patients could derive significant benefits if practitioners were better informed of alternative treatments.

Some of the more commonly accessed of alternative treatments include massage therapists, naturopaths/herbalists, chiropractors/osteopaths, and acupuncturists. The more popular self-prescribed CAM supplements/activities include vitamins/minerals, yoga/meditation, herbal medicines, aromatherapy oils and/or Chinese medicines.

Practitioners ignorant of alternatives

The researchers take a somewhat alarmist view, suggesting that although there is still ongoing debate within the medical industry regarding the proven effectiveness of CAM alternatives, the public continues to use such treatments, usually without the guidance of a healthcare practitioner. It is estimated that 53% of menopausal women use at least one type of CAM for the management of such menopause-related symptoms as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, depression, stiff or painful joints, back pain, headaches, tiredness, vaginal discharge, leaking urine and palpitations.

Of course you are not obliged to seek permission from a conventional practitioner before seeking alternatives – and this really is the point. Many conventional healthcare practitioners are ignorant of the benefits of alternatives – and may even be ignorant of rare risks such as herb/drug interactions – and do not include them in their own repertoires of  care.

The authors believe that their findings should prompt healthcare providers, in particular family medicine practitioners, to be informed and aware of clinical evidence for CAM typically used for the management of common menopause-related symptoms in their aim to provide safe, effective, and coordinated care for women.

10 June, 2015

Source: More women turn to complementary medicine for menopause

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Book Review “Those Summer Nights” by Mandy Baggot

Tabytha Reviews…

Those Summer Nights by Mandy BaggotThose Summer Nights

by Mandy Baggot


I Read it: 4th – 7th August 2016

In This Format: Kindle

Approx Length: 375 Pages

I Gave It a Goodreads Rating of: 5 Stars


…So what’s this book about?

So, “Those Summer Nights” is a stand-alone, contemporary romance book; a real happily ever after chick-lit summer read.  The blurb says:

“Sunshine, soft white sand and a sizzling hot millionaire – you don’t get trouble in paradise, right?

Imogen Charlton is sorted. Dead-beat husband? History. Dream job? Application sent. But then her impulsive brother, Harry, spends every last penny on a Greek restaurant in Corfu, and is determined to run it himself. It’s up to Imogen to bring him to his senses.

When sexy millionaire Panos Dimitriou offers to buy back his family taverna, Imogen wonders if all her prayers have been answered (and all her fantasies about to come true). But Harry won’t budge, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Bright pink bougainvillea tumbling over whitewashed walls, endless blue skies, the sparkling Mediterranean; it’s hard not to fall for Corfu. And that’s not all Imogen is falling for…

As the sparks of passion fly between Imogen and Panos, is Imogen having second thoughts on selling the restaurant? And will she have to choose between love and a new dream?

This summer, spend long sunny days on the beach, and balmy nights in Greek tavernas on the gorgeous island of Corfu. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond, Miranda Dickinson and Lindsey Kelk.”

…So, what did I like about it?

As my existing followers will already know, I am a fan of Mandy Baggot’s writing style; I find her books well written, easy to read with an engaging plot and always give me that warm happily ever after feeling. This latest novel was no exception.

Although this story’s timeline is a little over a week, the progression never felt rushed, with various story aspects and character “secrets/history” being revealed over time. I knew that the story would end happily (it’s a Mandy Baggot trademark!) but it did keep me guessing as to how it was going to get there.

This romantic tale did make me laugh, I chuckled out loud quite a bit, it also made me cry and the sexual anticipation between our main characters, Imogen and Panos certainly got me hot under the collar more times than I care to share with you here. 😉  I loved Panos’ mother, Elpida Dimitriou, what an amazing, formidable but completely lovable woman! In fact, all of the characters felt real to me. I loved the cameo link to Ms Baggot’s previous romance “Truly, Madly, Greekly” and although I’ve still never been to Corfu, Ms Baggot’s wonderful descriptive talents once again, transported me there with ease!


…So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?

No. Not a thing!


…So, basically what I’m saying is…

I loved this well written story and in short there wasn’t any part of this contemporary romance tale that I didn’t enjoy. It made me chuckle out loud and shed quite a few tears. Oh, and the addition of those Greek recipes at the back – what a stroke of genius! Now we can all have a bit of Corfu in our homes. 😉

Faery Red LilyIf you’re a fan of summer romance stories then I think you should buy this one; it’s a perfect read for those lazy days sat on a beach or by the pool while on holiday, although, I’m sure it could turn a drab, grey day into a little ray of sunshine too.


As I live in England, here’s a link to buy this book from Amazon UK 

If you are interested in other books by this author, you can check out Mandy Baggot’s Website

Or, if you’re interested, you can see what else I have been reading on My Goodreads Profile