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I still believe

… you took the words out of my mouth, Rufus *cheer*

The Dog's B'logs

So, the whole Corbyn thing. The last thing anyone needs is another blowhard with another opinion, but this was originally written for  the spiritual home of pointless blowhards. So, sorry, but…

It’s hard to defend Jeremy Corbyn as a leader. He’s no Churchill/Henry V/Mon Mothma figure, but what’ve we had before? The slick salesmen before of Blair, Cameron and now  Johnson – all style, no substance . What people voted for when they chose Corbyn (in droves) was substance. A man with a long, proud record of anti-war, anti-apartheid, anti-nuclear action. So yes,  his lack of style is excruciating, but we knew what we were voting for – a good grandad not another flash uncle.

These last few days, I’ve been accused of backing ‘one man over a whole party’, but actually, I’m backing an ideology. That ideology is lightly socialist. The idea that our economy should be run to benefit…

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One woman’s homecoming is another’s goodbye

It’s posts like this that make me realise how lucky I am to have my lovely hubby by my side, in our family home 24-7 365 days a year.

I don’t know how you do it, but I admire your strength luv.

Olive Oyl, Navy wife.

With the return today of HMS Defender (and if many of you wonder why I bang on about this ship in particular ok I will just say it- it’s Popeyes old ship where I met most of myNWBFFsand felt part of the Royal Navy community for the first time and not just some kind of Lone Ranger navy wife freak) and im filled with such excitement on their behalf, I’m so crazily proud of the families who have waited 9 months for them to finally come home.

(After doing basically a 7 month deployment about 2 mins before this one- mental).

I can see the wives and the girlfriends, the sisters and the brothers and the mummy’s and daddy’s in my minds eye in a few short hours, finally getting that hug and kiss they’ve waited and waited and waited some more for.

9 month in, 9 months…

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7 golden rules for a successful summer diet | Holland & Barrett | Holland & Barrett – the UK’s Leading Health Retailer

Hello lovely followers,

So, as I’ve already said, since becoming 40 almost 5 years ago I have been trying to be a more healthy person. My Mum warned me that getting rid of excess weight once you’ve passed the big four-oh is much harder – she is right!

In the summer of 2015 I managed to get 7lbs away from my goal weight and although this was still a whole stone away from my ‘recommended healthy weight’ that was fine by me, I would be out of the dreaded ‘obese’ category for the first time since my children were born. However, I never actually made it 😦 and worse still at the beginning of May this year I realised that I was heavier than I was a year ago (only by a few pounds but it’s still a depressing fact), so I have  given myself a mental shake and decided that I need to re-focus my efforts! I am a member of the My Fitness Pal craze and join weekly and daily ‘challenges’ to help me to maintain higher levels of activity and I have also kick-started my journey by doing the NHS Choices 12 week weight loss plan again as it really helps me to physically write a log.

Anyway, faery-red-lily-bye-for-now11this article from the Holland & Barrett website caught my eye and I thought that I would share it with you. (You could see an increase in my Instagram activity too!)

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Whether you want a bikini body, or just need to shift a few pounds, visit Holland & Barrett for our summer shape-up plan.

Looking good on the beach is a lot easier than you think. Just follow the seven golden rules for a successful summer diet below, devised by nutritionist Angela Dowden, to help you reach your weight loss goal.

Golden rule 1: make the right calories count

You’ll only lose weight if you eat fewer calories than you burn off; aim to eat around 1500 calories a day to lose a steady pound a week. However, not all calories are created equal – the trick is to get the right balance of nutrition and hunger-curbing potential from the calories you consume. The answer? Focus on natural produce such as fruit, veg and wholegrains, rather than processed foods like cakes and takeaways, and you won’t go far wrong.

Golden rule 2: get your ratios right

Draw an imaginary line down the middle of your plate and fill one half with veg. Split the other half into two and fill one quarter with lean protein, like fish, meat or chicken, and the remaining quarter with quality, slow-release carbs such as pulses or wholewheat pasta. Eat every meal like this and you can still enjoy ‘normal’ food rather than feeling like you’re on a diet.

Golden rule 3: trick yourself

Professor Brian Wansink, a renowned US food psychologist, says managing our weight could be a question of mind over matter. Here are some of his top tips:

  • Use smaller plates – we can easily eat 20 per cent less as long as it doesn’t look obvious.
  • Use smaller spoons and tall thin glasses to further reduce calories.
  • Measure out snacks into smaller bowls rather than dipping in and out of a large bag.
  • Pick plates that contrast strongly with the food you’re serving – people in a study ate less creamy sauce when it was served on red plates, for example.

Golden rule 4: Instagram your menus

Put aside some time to plan your meals for the week ahead, and don’t go to the supermarket hungry! You’re more likely to put processed food in your basket. Keeping a record of everything you eat and drink will also help you lose weight – a study by Wisonsin-Madison University in the United States found women who took photos of their food – hello, Instagram – were more likely to make healthy changes.

Golden rule 5: pick the right snacks

Make a list of healthy foods you can nibble on when the 3pm biscuit craving strikes. For just 100 calories you could have:

  • 110g of strawberries with 30g half-fat crème fraiche.
  • 50g sliced apple and 12g – around a heaped teaspoon – of peanut or almond butter.
  • 1 crispbread square with an eighth of an avocado, topped with a tablespoon of fresh tomato salsa and 2 to 3 garlic or herb chicken slices.

Golden rule 6: cut out liquid calories

One of simplest but most effective ways to cut calories is from sugar-containing drinks, plus calories in liquid don’t fill you up like calories in food, so they’re ‘empty’ or wasted calories. In place of full-sugar soft drinks, choose water with a squeeze of lime, or herbal or mint tea. One small glass of fruit juice or a smoothie a day does have health benefits, but eating the whole fruit will help keep your stomach feeling full. Reduce your alcohol intake too, as booze can be high in calories.

Golden rule 7: consider the right supplements

There’s no miracle weight loss pill, but certain supplements could help. A study in the International Journal of Obesity found obese women lost more weight when they took a multivitamin, compared with those taking a dummy pill. Other research in the journal found that green tea could boost your metabolism. Magnesium and chromium may also help, as they play a role in managing blood sugar levels – fighting cravings – according to Mexican and US studies.


Want more ways to shape up for summer? Find more diet and weight loss tips today.

Source: 7 golden rules for a successful summer diet | Holland & Barrett | Holland & Barrett – the UK’s Leading Health Retailer