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How did we get here.. May 2016 Already

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May Calendar OK, so we’ve had May Day with maypoles, Morris dancing and the promise of summer are patiently waiting for the Spring Bank holiday at the end of the month and I realise that I’ve neglected to write anything new here for quite a few months – sorry dear followers, I plan to rectify that embarrassing oversight right now!

So, I work as a teaching assistant in a local primary school, (you knew that, right?) which is always challenging; new pupils to recognise & remember, new directives from the Department of Education (don’t get me started as I type this we’re just about to enter SAT time *dummdummduuummm*) and some new responsibilities since the new academic year. Not that I’m complaining, hello wonderfully long 6 week summer break coming up soon – I LOVE IT! And of course, being a Teaching Assistant (TA) means I get the challenge and job satisfaction without all the paperwork and planning that bogs down teachers! So, anyway, my time as a teaching assistant in the school’s food technology kitchen is still blissfully satisfying, I’m enjoying my time as a 1:1 teaching assistant for a pupil with SEN (Special Educational Needs) and I have just started covering the maternity leave for a colleague in our Year 3/4 classroom.

Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love a challenge and without change, I feel we stagnate and lose our zest for life but I must confess, I am finding that as I get older the time it takes me to adjust to changes lengthens and perhaps a ‘flap’ a bit more… J Is it just me? For example, my eldest daughter is now a Year 8 at secondary school and my youngest will be leaving primary school at the end of this academic year (exciting and daunting all at the same time – where did the time go!) I keep reminding myself that it will make the school runs much easier, save me petrol, save me time… but… *sigh*

Studying 1 Back in December 2015 I decided that I’d been working as a Teaching Assistant for a few years and needed to expand my CV and give myself a new challenge, my daughters don’t need me as much as they used to and before they reach that ‘Mum’s taxi service’ stage it was the perfect time to get qualified; so I enrolled in a Teaching Assistant course. I had already decided that my life was too busy to pay for a course that was full-time, part-time or required any attendance (e.g. day release, evening, etc) to classroom sessions/lectures, so I found an online course offered by De Montfort Home Study College which would give me a Level 3 Certificate in “Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools”. Perfect! Just what I was looking for! 🙂

There are 11 written assignments; I’ve already written and passed 3 with some lovely comments from the assessor, waiting to hear back about Unit 4. The next 6 units are a mix of written assignments with assessed practical demonstrations of the various learning outcomes. I’m lucky that I’m already employed at a school so finding the time and opportunities to demonstrate my understanding should (hopefully) be painless.

When I near the completion of my course I was thinking that might consider posting my assignments here on my blog to help others wanting to be qualified teaching assistants (there was a time a few years ago that the government wanted all TAs to be qualified but that idea seems to have been shelved for the time being)…. I’ll see how I feel at the time 🙂


The downside is that this blog maybe quite quiet for large chunks of this year – I’m still tweeting (and re-tweeting) the odd thing most days but usually in snatched moments here and there so for now, enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the upcoming bank holiday and thanks for your continued support and patience. 🙂

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