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Hotel Transylvania  Film Trailer | Preview | Release Date

Good morning lovely followers,

So, Child2 wants to go to the cinema to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 but Child1 (she’s 13yrs old next month) doesn’t care one way or the other. We saw the 1st film at our local cinema and although I’ve bought the dvd and we have watched it a lot since then, at the time I felt a bit short changed; it’s not cheap to take the whole family to the cinema and £30 felt too much.

As from next month it will cost £8 for Child1’s ticket and the family ticket is only valid for the under 12’s so going to the cinema as a family will get even more pricey. That said, I do take advantage of the Odeon Kids screenings during the school holidays – £2.50 a seat is a price I’m happy about.

Am I the only parent who feels this? I doubt it 😉


Animated sequel starring the world’s most famous monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wayne the werewolf, the Invisible Man and Murray the mummy return for ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’, which sees Dracula’s formerly monsters-only hotel open its doors to human guests.

Source: Hotel Transylvania 2 Tickets | Film Trailer | Preview | Release Date

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Publication Party for One Wish in Manhattan

Hello Dear Followers,

One Wish In Manhattan - Mandy BaggotMy lovely (and talented) friend Mandy Baggot has recently released a new book called “One Wish in Manhattan”. I’d already pre-ordered the Kindle version which was dutifully delivered to my device on 2nd October but I’m waiting for the nights to draw in, the temperature to fall and Autumn to transform into Winter before I snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate (or smallish glass of mulled wine) to read this Christmas love story. (I promise to post a review once I have read it!)

(Click here for One Night in Manhattan at Amazon UK)

Mandy is hosting a Publication event at her local Waterstones book shop in Salisbury on Friday 16th October at 6.45pm.

Mandy BaggotJoin me for wine, nibbles and your chance to purchase signed copies of new release, One Wish in Manhattan!

Hayley Walker’s heading to New York with much more than Christmas on her mind and billionaire Oliver Drummond is going into hiding so he can avoid December completely! What will happen when their two worlds collide?

Source: (2) Waterstones Salisbury Publication Party for One Wish in Manhattan

faery-red-lily-bye-for-now111I don’t get the chance to go to these sorts of evening events but now that my kids are older, I can feel the reigns that are keeping me at home begin to loosen… beware world! 😉


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On This Day: First 50p coins cause instant confusion – Yahoo News UK

 The new heptagonal coin replaced the 10-shilling note – although would be used alongside the old currency until 1971 when the 240p-per-pound system was replaced by a simpler 100p pound.

OCTOBER 14, 1969: The first ever 50 pence coins were introduced on this day in 1969 – and caused instant confusion as Britain began its journey towards decimalisation.

It replaced the 10-shilling note – although it would be used alongside the old currency until 1971 when the 240p-per-pound system was replaced by a simpler 100p pound.

But, despite its novel seven-sided shape, the 50p coin was often mistaken for both the old half crown and new 10p piece while the two systems coexisted.

One Londoner told the Evening Standard newspaper that he accidentally left a 50p coin in a saucer full of 10p pieces as a tip for a waiter.

‘Fortunately the waiter was dead honest and told me. But I suspect there’ll be a lot of cases where that doesn’t happen,’ he said.

To add to the confusion, the heptagon had the image of Britannia on one side – just like the old penny, which had remained the same since the early 18th century.

Others simply did not like the design.

The newly-introduced seven-sided 50p coin in 1969. (PA) Retired Army colonel Essex Moorcroft formed the Anti-Heptagonists, who objected to the coin as ‘ugly’ and ‘an insult to our sovereign whose image it bears’.

MPs also joined shopkeepers, bus workers, housewives and the elderly in protesting against the piece and demanded that either it or the 10p coin be changed.

However, its bold design also won many plaudits and generated tremendous excitement when it was introduced.

A British Pathé newsreel showed the copper-nickel coins being made, with the distinctive design stamped on them at the Royal Mint at Tower Hill, London.

The process was supervised by Lord Fiske, chairman of the Decimal Currency Board, who revealed that that the 50p piece was the only heptagonal coin in the world.

It was the third decimal coin to be introduced after the 5p and 10p pieces were all launched in 1967.

At that point, there were three other new coins yet to be minted – the 2p, 1p and half pence pieces.

The government held off introducing them since, unlike the others, they did not roundly convert to the old pounds, shillings and pence – symbolised by £sd.

The 2p piece was worth worth 4.8d, 1p was the same as 2.4d and half penny was the equivalent of 1.2d.

And, later, many people complained that these coins gave shopkeepers the excuse to raise many of their prices.

faery-red-lily-bye-for-now1 😉 … I think this story demonstrates how little people like change (ha!ha! pun fully intended!) Click on the link below to read the original story on Yahoo UK.

Source: On This Day: First 50p coins cause instant confusion – Yahoo News UK

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BBC ON THIS DAY | 7 | 1959: Southend Pier fire traps hundreds

Found this on the BBC website…

Southend Pier on fire

Southend Pier on fire

1959: Southend Pier fire traps hundreds

Three hundred people have been rescued after being cut off by a blaze on the world’s longest pleasure pier on England’s south-east coast.

Three hundred people have been he visitors became stranded when a large wooden pavilion at the shore end of the pier caught fire in the early evening.

The pavilion, which is used for holding conferences and other functions, was empty at the time.

Most of the trapped people had been at the far end of the pier when the blaze started.

They had to walk most of the nearly 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) back because the electricity to the pier’s railway had been cut off.

However, they were not able to pass the burning pavilion and had to complete the journey by climbing down the pier structure and boarding boats to shore.

Firefighters from surrounding districts joined those in Southend to help put out the flames.

They were watched by a large crowd on the sea front – many of whom had come to see the pier’s famous illuminations.

It took nearly two hours to bring the fire under control.

The pier’s manager, Frank Flintoff, said the pavilion was very badly damaged but he expected the pier to be open the following day.

Southend Pier was first opened in 1830.

It immediately became a popular feature of the Essex resort which the Victorians called “Whitechapel-on-Sea” because of the number of Londoners from the East End who visited.

During World War II the pier was taken over by the Navy and was used as an assembley and loading point for convoys.


The fire caused damage estimated at £100,000. The pavilion gutted by the fire was replaced with a ten-pin bowling alley which opened in 1962 but fires continued to be costly for the pier. A second serious blaze in 1976 severely damaged the pier head and the railway was forced to close in 1978 for safety reasons.  After years of local campaigning the pier was re-built and officially re-opened in 1984. However, another fire in 1995 again destroyed much of the shore end of the pier including the bowling alley.


Source: BBC ON THIS DAY | 7 | 1959: Southend Pier fire traps hundreds

faery-red-lily-bye-for-now11If you want to visit the pier check out Southend Pier Information for more information.

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Avalon Faery Ball and Faery Fayre (Karen Kay’s Faery Events)

Hello lovely followers,

Wendy & Brian Froud

Wendy & Brian Froud

As you can tell by my on-line avatar I love faeries. I’ve wanted to meet Brian and Wendy Froud for a very, very long time, ever since watching “Labyrinth” and “The Dark Crystal”.

I saw that they were going to attend a faery fayre in Glastonbury later this month – great, I only live an hour or so away. I’ve since checked out the website and found out that Alan Lee  will also be there! Result! I won’t be dressing up but as I’m not going to the ball being held in the evening, I’m sure that’ll be acceptable.

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October 2015 at Glastonbury Town Hall. The Avalon Faery Fayre & Ball with guest artists and crafts folk and live music. The theme is MIDDLE EARTH! (Hobbit, LotR etc)

Source: Avalon Faery Ball & Faery Fayre | Karen Kay’s Faery Events

faery-red-lily-bye-for-now111I’m happily counting the days….

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Sinister Shadow of ‘Hanging Man’ Spooks Locals At Area Known As ‘Dead Man’s Cross’ – Yahoo News UK

I found this story on Yahoo! today, well it certainly makes a change from the “Jesus in my baked beans” stories that you find around the net, don’t you think?  😉

The bizarre sight was spotted in an area known as “Dead Man’s Cross” in Dartmouth, Devon, last week.

Residents have been left seriously spooked after the shadow of a “hanging man” appeared on the wall of a house – where a gallows used to be.

The bizarre sight was spotted in an area known as “Dead Man’s Cross” in Dartmouth, Devon, last week.

The somewhat sinister image was created by a combination of a high midday sun shining on a 20mph road sign and some say it bares an eerie resemblance to someone hanging from a rope.

Locals said it was extra spooky as it has appeared at a crossroads which was once the site of a gallows where traitors were hanged.

George Johnston posted the photo online and it soon went viral.

He said:

“A lot of people who even live on that road say they have never seen it before. It is an area known as Dead Man’s Cross and is where a gallows used to be. I think they used to hang traitors there. The location has a lot of history and it certainly sent a chill down my spine when I saw the hanging man. There has been a great response to it and the picture certainly seems to be getting around. I’ve lived in Dartmouth for 18 years and neither me or my family had ever heard or seen this shadow before now. I must have just got very lucky.”

George, 24, took the picture last Thursday and has been fending off accusations that he photoshopped the image.

Since he posted his picture other local residents have visited the site and gone on to post similar images.

George said: “Some people thought it was fake but a couple of others have gone down there themselves to check and posted similar pictures.

“Why would I spend my time Photoshopping a shadow? I have a life.

“If anyone thinks this photo isn’t real head to Dartmouth around midday on a sunny day and have a look.”

(Picture credited to SWNS)

faery-red-lily-bye-for-now1 Click on the link below to read the original story.

Source: Sinister Shadow of ‘Hanging Man’ Spooks Locals At Area Known As ‘Dead Man’s Cross’ – Yahoo News UK