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Surviving winter

I loved my parents garden when I was younger but it is only now that I realise how much hard work it takes to keep it going…

Janet Wallace

It was a rough, long winter but we made it through and so did the perennial vegetables. Let the spring feasting begin!

Yesterday, I enjoyed a spring meal of asparagus, stinging nettles and parsnip. I’ve also been eating Jerusalem artichokes, dandelions, and horseradish, along with a few salads made from the greens I started inside. We’re also harvesting crosnes (Chinese artichokes) and apios.

It’s great to see the birds return and even see the life return to the garden — such as earthworms. I wrote an article on earthworms for Small Farm Canada a couple months ago and needed pictures. I went around my neighbourhood asking farmers for access to manure piles but they were all covered. Finally I found a few worms in a neighbour’s potting mix and staged the shots inside. Lesson learned: take as many pictures when I can for future stories.

Will go back to travel writing…

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Shared from WordPress

Found this post while browsing through WP.

This post has got me thinking about censorship; how our views have changed, when do we decide to change our laws and how censorship is a very subjective issue….

Famous Controversial Novels

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Mindless Eating…

The tip in the blog below are very similar to the ones I first read about in Paul McKenna’s I can make you slim book.

Simple, easy to follow, small changes to our ingrained eating habits are less likely to feel over whelming and are more likely to lead to success!

6 Tips to Curb Mindless Eating ‹ Hello Healthy

I changed over to a smaller plate and can vouch for it’s success.

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The never ending journey to getting fit and losing weight

This blog was on my wall at My Fitness Pal.

I hate going to the gym and I’m too shapely to run with comfort 😉 but dancing I love!!

No-Equipment Moves that Firm Your Glutes ‹ Hello Healthy

~ Tabytha ~

~ Tabytha ~