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Rosh Hashanah Apple Horn

This looks like a yummy recipe…

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Rosh Hashanah Apple Horn

Greetings! We’re one day away from the year 5775!* If you’re reading this from the year 2014, my goodness, life has changed.

First off, I know you think standing in a gold and lapis encrusted chariot is impressive, but I’ve got a chariot made from metals you’ve never even mined and pulled by invisible horses. I call it a Toyota Matrix.

Second, I know you love drinking fermented barley through a straw, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted pumpkin pie spiced apple cider. Er, I don’t have time to explain what a pumpkin is. Or a pie. Look, have a six pack on me. Oh, those bottles are made from something called glass. We plug up our windows with it so we can look outside without letting all the heat out of our houses. No, the houses don’t fill up with smoke and kill our children. We’ve got something…

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Middle-earth turns 100

I’m a fan of the films but must confess to not reading too deeply into the books when I read them as a teenager 😉

John Garth

Diamond in the Sky, by Dr Wendy LongoIt is 100 years since Middle-earth began. The earliest glimpse of any character or situation from his mythology was in a poem, ‘The Voyage of Éarendel the Evening Star’, which J.R.R. Tolkien dated 24 September 1914. He wrote it at the home of his aunt Jane Neave, Phoenix Farm in Gedling, Nottinghamshire.

I examine Tolkien’s 1914 creative breakthrough closely in the forthcoming Tolkien Studies 11, I give a brief account of those findings in a centenary article for the Guardian, and I star in a Tolkien Society video speaking about it all to at the annual Oxonmoot gathering. What follows here is a further insight which didn’t make it into those pieces.

A century on, it’s worth probing whether this poem really counts as the first poem of Tolkien’s legendarium. Though Humphrey Carpenter identifies ‘The Voyage of Éarendel’ as ‘the beginning of Tolkien’s own mythology’ (Biography 79)…

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One Online Presence?

(Ok, so apologies before hand – this is going to be a rant post)

I am getting miffed; Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! Facebook, Twitter, e-mail providers, shopping sites (really?!), the list apparently endless… would I like to sign in with my existing Google/Yahoo!/Facebook/Twitter/etc account?


I don’t want to link all my online profiles, thank you very much.

I don’t want everybody knowing everything about me; what I’m doing or where I going (both online & in real life).

Not every thought that I have is suitable to every person I know.


What I mean is – I have many people in my life; I have a good number of work colleagues, I have friends & acquaintances that I’ve met because of my children and/or hubby, my interest, hobbies and participation in online forums & groups have also resulted in strangers that I now call friends because although we’ve never met in real life, we have been a part of each others’ lives and I am lucky to have a small number of best friends who have been there for me when times were tough and held my hair when times were (too) good! Lol!

All these people in my life know me in varying degrees; it’s down to me whether I decided to tell my boss/mother-in-law if I was out on the lash (hubby-less) with my besties at the weekend… (and let’s face it that conversation will never happen!)

I know some of you reading this will point out that that’s what the security options are there for, I can go into my settings and list who sees what on Facebook, which accounts/profiles are linked to which, etc. Yes, you’re quite right but I’m struggling (please tell me I’m not the only one), the privacy settings keep changing far too frequently for my liking. *sigh* I’m finding it easier to just keep some stuff separate but how much longer will I have this choice???

~ Tabytha ~

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September is Change

So, because I work as a teaching assistant in a local primary school, September is always challenging; new pupils to recognise & remember, routines to get back into the swing of (not that I’m complaining about the wonderfully long 6 week summer break, I’m not – I LOVE IT!!) and possibly new responsibilities to take on for the new academic year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge and without change, I feel we stagnate and lose our zest for life but I must confess, I am finding that as I get older the time it takes me to adjust to changes lengthens. J Is it just me? For example, my eldest daughter started secondary school at the beginning of the month (exciting and daunting all at the same time – where did the time go!) – to get her to school before registration then get my other daughter to her school before the whistle means that we have to leave the house 30 minutes earlier than we did before. Now, 30 minutes doesn’t sound much does it? Easy. I thought so too, but *ohmy* it’s taken over a fortnight to get my mind & body into our new school run routine. Not only moving my sorry arse up and about to make their packed lunches each morning, get them up & out of bed and get myself ready but I have been surprised by the fact that the volume of traffic we encounter on our way to school differs so drastically within a 10 minute period! One trip to the loo and we’re stuck on the ring road, the butterfly effect in full force… 😉

So, we’re halfway through September already; I’m feeling more confident about school runs and I have learned the names of almost half of the new reception children. My time as a teaching assistant in the school’s food technology kitchen is still blissfully satisfying and I’m still enjoying my time as a teaching assistant in our SEN classrooms with the children on the autistic spectrum.

… go with the flow & keep fluttering!

~ Tabytha ~